Forgiveness Forest
Started in 2009 through the generous donation of Lynne and Lexington Dorner Peterson:

In honor of all of you and of reconciliation, we are planting Forgiveness Forest in Brazil.  My reconciliation to you- (words from “Peace is Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hanh)

“I am sorry, I hurt you out of my ignorance, out of my lack of mindfullness, out of my lack of skillfullness.  I will try my best to change myself.  I don’t dare to say anything more to you.”

1) Lexington Anthony Dorner Peterson
2) Lynne Dorner
3) Mary Anne Victoria and Theodore Michael Dorner
4) Ted E, Karen, Grace and Sarah Dorner (and Family)
5) Christine, Rich, Tori and Jessica Albanese
6) Carin, Deiter, Madison and Karl Schulz
7) Dana Mansell
8 ) Jennifer Rowse Eck and Family
9) Laura Herman
10) Karen Lacy, Lex’s Godmother
11) Mariel and Eric Acquafredda
12) Jill Sommerstein
13) Amber & Lewis
14) Jessica Levin
15) Haley Sugar
16) Yesenia Diaz
17) Tara Hogan
18) Elizabeth Hickey
19) Jennifer Furst
20) Shvetta Kakar
21) Christine Hadermayer
22) Christine Lo Presti
23) Rachel Ruedy
24) Renae Stahl Jackson and Family
25) Jessica and Corey Manual
26) Susan Jacobson
27) Christine Singh
28) Nubia Salguero
29) The Lanham Family
30) The YAI Early Intervention program (Ellen, Marquis, Peter, Jenny, Amy and Judith)
31) Anthony and Margaret Dorner
32) James and Anne Soens
33) Louis and Helen Conti
34) Fred and Edna Brinkman
35) Frank and Jen Becker
36) The Peterson Family
37) Nico and John Parziano
38) Oprah Winfrey
39) The Obama Family
40) The Geary Family
41) The Mosley Family
42) Uncle Bill and Aunt Louise Dorner
43) Bill, Solonge, Anthony and Sydney Dorner
44) Michele, Ron, Zach and Sierra Zygmunt
45) Lisa Dorner, Chip, Locke and Amalia Meyer
46) Steve and Cathy Goldie
47) The Bauman and Merkle Family
48) Dr John Lantis
49) Dr Katrina Bradley and Family
50) Jennifer Bates Wheeler and Family
51) The Brook Family
52) Joanna Brennerman
53) Cathy Jaque
54) Lea Cohen
55) Nichole Gibson and Family
56) Tracey Huger
57) The Carravetta Family
58) Lauren Aguiar
59) Suzanne and Edward Rowse and Family
60) Roman and Family
61) Jill and Dave Gordon
62) James and Jan Soens and Family
63) Mrs Carolyn Mansell
64) Mr Howard Mansell and Family
65) Mr Richard I. Lacy and Family
66) Mrs Dottie Lacy
67) Pamela and Gerald Herman and Family
68) Robert and Christian Angelo
69) Shana, Greg and Ander Berman and Family
70) Liangela Cabrera
71) In memory of Stuart Lanham
72) In memory of Scott “Zach” Eskinazi
73) In memory of Dominick Dunn
74) The wedding of Laura and Charles Ault
75) The wedding of Dave and Megan Przywara
76) The Village Church and nursery staff
77) Natalie Bush and growing Family
78) The MDA Foundation in honor of Jessica Albanese
79) The Clients of Lynne’s Electrolysis
80) Lindsey Castillo
81) Ben “benny-bens” and Michael
82) Deb and David Schlosberg
83) Jaqueline Dixon
84) Lenore Muller
85) Karen Ouzouian
86) Kristen Duffy
87) Patricia Donini, for making giving easier
88) Mara Hoffman
89) Koren Reyes
90) Ary Nunez
91) Greg- Adaptive Design
92) Betti Iannucci
93) Tiffany Albert, Fusion Spa
94) Claudia Parilla, Cloud 9 Spa
95) Lucy Jones Block and Family (Ken, Kiera and Lia)
96) Karen and Holden (Thompson)
97) Hannah Thompson
98) Larissa Jaye- for holding it all for me!
99) Rhonda Britten and The Fearless Living Institute
100) The Past- all of it!

A Little About Agroforests

The area where we are planting in Brazil was cleared of forest many years ago for wood sale and to make way for cattle grazing. In the years since then the native plants are slowly making inroads into repopulating the disturbed land. Natural succession of the area will take it from grasslands to scrubby/weedy clusters of trees, to slower growing hardwoods, until a mature forest ecosystem is once again established. This process can take many decades or longer. When Ciclo Sustainable took over the land a couple of years ago we began planting trees to help speed the process along, essentially trying to skip over the middle sequence of succession and go straight back to mature forest. We’ve since learned of a technique to help the process proceed even faster, and to significantly increase the biodiversity and health of the forest, as well as ensure that a much higher percentage of the trees survive to maturity.

The approach is commonly referred to as “agroforestry,” and it essentially mimics the complete sequence of succession from grassland to forest (not just skipping ahead to the end), but much much faster. We plant the weedy trees, the shrubs, herbs, and the slower-growing longer-lived trees all at once. They help each other become established by sharing nutrients, shade, and self-mulching just as they would in the unaided succession process. The end product is a more resilient, healthier forest.

Below are some photos of an agroforest that was started in late September 2008. You can see pictures from 4 months and 1 year later – even in the dry season it is easy to see how the plants are thriving! We’ll be posting photos of the progress Forgiveness Forest is making soon.