Ciclo [SEE-kloo, Portuguese for Cycle] functions as a training ground and dissemination point for permaculture ideas and practical skills.  We fund and find volunteers and beneficiaries for projects ranging from tree planting to super-adobe to rainwater capture to solar panels and beyond.

Our staging grounds are the Cerrado in Brazil (see “Meet the Cerrado”), an at-risk environment with a wealth of biodiversity, and our home in the US – New York.  No matter where you are, learning broad concepts and then distilling them down to locally appropriate iterations is the key.

Our approach is highly participatory.  Rather than simply requesting funding and encouraging armchair environmentalism, we invite people to get involved.  Volunteers from all over enjoy the benefits of hands on learning, practicing and experimenting with permaculture ideas, and being rejuvenated through the wonders of nature.  Those who can’t stop by we keep involved through photos, videos, and tips they can apply at home.  We involve local communities in assessing strengths and needs, teaching and learning.