http://www.davidsuzuki.org/ David Suzuki
http://www.mcdonough.com/ Cradle to Cradle – you must read this book
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_service_system Product-Service Systems
http://earthpolicy.org/ Earth Policy Intsitute – Plan B 3.0
http://www.storyofstuff.com/ The Story of Stuff
http://www.thackara.com/ John Thackara
http://www.aurashouse.com/ Aura’s House
http://gosomething.org/ Go Something – helps engaged travelers contribute to the communities they visit
http://www.sustainabletravelinternational.org/ Sustainable Travel International
http://www.pronatura.org/index.php/ Pro-Natura International
http://www.envirolution.org/ The Envirolution
http://www.gapminder.org/ Chart correlations
http://www.opengreenmap.org/ Open Green Map
http://www.greenmap.org/ Green Map
http://www.greenforall.org/ Green for All – greencollar jobs
http://www.unngosustainability.org/ UN NGO Sustainablility
http://www.gracelinks.org/ Grace – water, factory farms, etc.
http://www.railexusa.com/ Railex – using trains for transporting goods instead of trucks
http://www.greendepot.com/ Green Depot – green building supplies

The 11th hour/ State of the planet – DVD extras are full of solutions!
heat is on/ breaking climate news – Great disinformation section
Flood Maps / see how sea level rise might affect you
Rolling Stone : The Long Emergency / peak oil article from Rolling Stone
New York City Blackout as Photographed by John Wehr
Deforestation in the Amazon
DETROIT TODAY/ a blog of daily life in detroit
Food Clock/online counter of global production of principal foodstuffs
World Clock/ showing birth and death rates, plus oil usage
Abrupt Climate Change Scenario

Design and the Elastic Mind – MoMA
papaya dialogues/ catalysing the cultural shift
http://www.harmony-institute.org/ Harmony Institute